How’s Your Church Audio Sound?

We’re offering a one-day, four session church audio training at a location near you to improve the sound quality at your church. Includes lunch & dinner plus all training equipment for only $99 per person (Reg. $330). Enroll now – only room for 15 students at each location. First three to sign up and attend at each location receive an Audix OM-2 microphone worth $100.

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If you have taken the Guitarfish's 100 leve training and would you like to take the 200 level class. 
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All Conference Connect Meetings Have Been Rescheduled for April
Back in January, the snow and ice in the Portland area made preparing and holding our annual
Conference Connect town hall meetings very challenging. It was decided to postpone them
to a slightly less volitile time of year.

WE WANT YOU! It’s time for our Conference Connect (town hall) meetings in the respective regions of the Oregon Conference. You are welcome to attend whichever meeting fits in your schedule irrespective of the region it is meeting in. We highly value your input. We are going to spend 7:00-8:30 pm together worshiping, praying, visioning, sharing, listening, discussing…. We want to hear what God puts on your heart for the health and growth of God’s kingdom in the Oregon Conference. Thank you in advance for investing an hour-and-a-half of your time for this incredibly important family conversation.

                                                                                 Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Here are this year's dates and locations...

April 3  –  Medford Adventist Church
April 4  –  Springfield Adventist Church
April 5  –  Bend Adventist Church
April 10   Adventist Community Church of Vancouver
April 13  –  Rockwood Adventist Church, Portland, Ore.

Find out more about how to show this film, on how Adventism began, at your church or gathering. You can watch it as a 2.5-hour movie or in episodes.  Find Out More>>

A Friend of Desmond Doss

View the short video interview on how Terry Johnsson Chaplain at Adventist Medical Center got to meet and become good friends with Desmond Doss.

Hacksaw Ridge opens November 4 in theaters nationwide! Are you ready to dialog with your neighbor with questions they may have about Jesus and your faith? Find books and DVDs at the Adventist Book Center about Desmond Doss and materials to witness while this movie runs its course. 

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